Mister Shadow

Mai 2015. 4 min. (OV English. Subtitulado Español)

Hummus Film Fest de La Casa Encendida, Madrid 2016.

We spent a day in the frenetic daily life of Mr. Shadow, between the city and the green of dreams.

Ás 20.30 hrs.

August 2013. 3 min. (VO Galego. Subtitulado Español)

Mejor corto categoría fantástica en el Humus Fest, La Casa Encendida, Madrid. (“Ás 20.30hrs”)
Finalista no “IV Concurso polo Territorio de foto, relato e curta”

Year IV of the New World Calendar. The International Security Forces find a writing in one of the monoculture fields.

La Imagen Del Secreto – The Image Of The Secret

July 2008. 7 min (OV Español, English subtitled)

Festival Vues d´en Face, Grenoble, Francia.
Sección OFF de Zinegoak, Euskadi.
Festival del Sol de las islas Canarias.
Festival Internacional del Mar de Cinema Gai i Lèsbic de Mallorca.

Night starts for “Mamá” (mum) after she has talked to her daughter. Streets became dark and her heels get caught. The path she will walk to the restaurant will be an inner path to understanding, on this path several characters guide her, women who walk with women.

La leche