8M Transfeminista

Marzo 2024. 1 min.

Video for social networks.

Invitation to join the Tamborililás critical bloc in Santiago de Compostela.



August 2022. 5 min.
Official selection.

MARXE  Internacional Festival of Videopoetry (Vigo, Famalicao).

About walking.


Decembro 2021. 4 min.
Best audiovisual language.

3rd Videoart Contest (USC de Lugo)

Selective Aerospace Evacuation.


Decembre 2020. 3 min.
Araceli Herreo Price to best communication.

2nd Videoart Contest (USC de Lugo).

A nature mechanism.


March 2021. 1 min.
Social media video.

Today and tomorrow´s march 8th.

Confinement Haiku

Mayo 2020. 39 seg. (VO galego – Subt. español)
A Haiku is a short poem of sixteen syllables, written in three verses.

The astonishment and emotion produced by the contemplation of nature.


October 2013. 2 min. (VO Español)
Finalist for Canal + Video Creation Award with MeetingArts.

The identity, the labels and the person. Woman, lesbian, creator.

Dalle a volta

November 2019. 30 sec. (VO Galego)
First prize ex-aequo CibeRespect Competition (NGO EcosDoSur, XuntaDeGalicia). 

Creation in record time against or (cyber)harassment.

Wild Geese

Intervención Publicitaria

Mr. Shadow’s natural environment

Las flores horarias.