In the time of our garden

(English Subtitles: press CC)

February 2022. 28 min. (OV Galego. English/Spanish subtitles)

26 Festival de Málaga. Sección oficial Cinema Cocina.

Biophilia International Film Festival.

Seoul International Food Film Festival (SIFFF)

OUFF 27, Ourense Film Festival.

Festival Internacional de Cinema Ambiental Serra da Estrela
8º Festival de cortometrajes Cortogijón.
Rural Affinity Film Festival Andalucía RAFFA.

When leaving the house was not advisable, seeds became imperative. And so grew, more and better, the garden around which our protagonists lives happen at home. Amaia and Carmen are, together with their pets, characters of this story starring the vegetable world.

Persons, Inc

October 2020. 82 min. (OV Galego/Spanish/English/Catalan/French/German. English subtitles)

Lift-Off sessions 2021, Pinewood Studios.
FilmÓptico International Art Visual and Film Festival, Viridiana TV.

43 Semana de Cine de Lugo.

OUFF 26, Ourense Film Festival.

Al Borde. Festival Internacional de Cine Transfeminista. Colombia.

III Festival Internacional de Cine Austral. Argentina.

FIC lgbt El Lugar Sin Límites. Ecuador.

A diverse reality beyond cisheteronormative awaits in this collective story of memories, reflections and friendships of a pandemic summer.

A Normal day

September 2019. 24 min. (VO Galego/Español. English subtitles)

The 7th Art Film Festival, Miami.
52º Alcances. Festival de Cine Documental de Cádiz.
5º FICNOVA Festival Internacional de Cine de la No Violencia Activa.
XLII Semana Internacional do Cine de Lugo.

BIdeOtik 2021, Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao.
Diversidarte. Festival de Curtas de A Coruña.
Get up in the morning, make the bed, have breakfast, take a shower. On a normal day a woman is killed for being a woman and a black boy is beaten for being black. But it’s also a day to laugh your head off.

Welcome to the club

November 2018. 28 min. (VO Galego/Español. English Subtitles)


22 Festival de Málaga, Biznaga de Plata Afirmando los Derechos de las Mujeres.
XVI Festival de Cans – Sección Ultravioleta.
VI Festival Cortometrajes Diputación de Jaén contra la violencia de género.

Estreno en exclusiva Diario Público TV, diciembre 2018.

We all have the image of the neon lights on the road. In Lugo (Spain) in 2009 there was a judge that marked a turning point in the persecution of the sexual exploitation of women. Her investigations plunged where justice had rarely sought, that is into connivance between brothel owners and the authorities. This is a story about illegal detentions, sexual assaults, injuries, threats, forced abortions and illegal trafficking with the connivance of the security forces, bussinesmen and polititians.

Atenas. Meeting point.

October 2017. 77 min (VO Español)

Paraná Internacional Film Festival 2018, Argentina.
40ª Semana Internacional de cine de autor de Lugo, sección cine galego.
II SANFICI, Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Santander, Colombia.

Julio de 2017. Atenas es un hervidero de turistas pero en un pequeño barrio anarquista de la capital griega… el movimiento social europeo y ateniense trabaja junto a las personas migrantes atrapadas por el cierre de fronteras en la UE. La ciudadanía frente a las instituciones.


1948 – 2016. Un final para empezar.

September 2016. 26 min. (V.O. Galego/Español)


FLOP Festival, Pontevedra, 2018.
XXXIX Semana Internacional de Cine de Autor de Lugo.
V Festival Internacional de Cine de Ituzaingó, Argentina.
VII festival Visualízame, Fundación Inquietarte, sede de Jaén.
17 Muestra Internacional Cine y Diversidad Sexual, Valladolid.
1ª Muestra de Cine Documental Central Doc/TLX, Tlaxcala, México.

The pages of a journal written in 1948 lead the author to undertake a few months of personal and shared reflection, in which some of the people around her take part, becoming agents rather than narratives, reflective. The words that one woman, Encarna, addresses to another, Elvira, end up becoming a story about love, visibility and historical reality around the LGTBI community, from perspectives that are intertwined with the author’s own life.

de cara ao Miño

Trailer “25 Marató de l´Espectacle”

El trompo