The documentary ‘Nun tempo de horta’ allows me to participate again in the Festival de Málaga, this time in the Official Section Cinema Cocina which is screened at the Teatro Echegaray.
In May, together with Xácia Ceive, I premiere in Lugo the film ‘Alex and Munchie: contra o cisheteropatriarcado’, which continues to be screened in other Galician contexts. In September we are at the Cinemateca de Madrid being part of the Directed by Women and towards the end of the year at the Festival de la Crítica Cinematográfica de Caracas.
’15 anos pola igualdade’ is released, an editing documentary commission to commemorate the anniversary of the Observatorio da Mariña pola Igualdade,. I continue to be linked to teaching through tours around art, cinema and queer realities; as well as to the U.S.C. activities where I teach the course of Videocreation, in the Santiago de Compostela Campus, and I serve as a jury in the V Certame de Videocreación, launched from Lugo’s Campus.



In February the documentary short film ‘In the time of our garden’ is released and participates in several festivals throughout the year, such as the Seoul International Food Film Festival (SIFFF), the Festival de Cinema Ambiental Serra da Estrela or the official section of the OUFF 27. Meanwhile the feature film ‘Persoas S.A.’ continues to be screened in various contexts and in several Pride celebrations in Galicia until October when it is finally opened under a Creative Commons license.

The novel ‘Estranxeiras’, which was awarded the II Pinto e Maragota Prize, is published by Xerais in September, followed by presentations and literary encounters until the end of the year. The web content continues to be renewed with ‘Tres. Canis non binaris’ comic strips, other illustrations and some poems. In November I participate with the piece ‘Camiñando’ in the official section of the MARXE International Festival of Videopoetry (Vigo, Famalicao). Towards the end of the year I teach a course of Videocreation in the Campus of Lugo and act as a jury in the IV Certame de Videocreación of the U.S.C.



Since the very beginning of the year the documentary ‘Persons Inc.’ has been screened in several physical and digital spaces, participating in various festivals among which it is worth mentioning its presence in the OUFF-Festival de Cine de Ourense. During the Pride weeks it is screened at the CGAC of Compostela, in the Cinema with Pride Cycle of A Coruña and in other spaces of vindication and celebration.

‘A Normal day’ is finishing its journey before finally being released under a Creative Commons license, our last trip is to the BldeOtik at the Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao.

I was able to design the graphic image and contents for the TransMedia campaign launched in November by Arelas Association, with the support of Igualdade da Xunta, the Ministry of Equality and the State Pact. At the end of December the piece “S.A.E.” is recognized in the III Certame de Videocreación by the Lugo’s USC winning the award for best visual language.



“A Normal day” and “Welcome to the club” are screened at cultural activities such as the IX Ciclo de Cine Social in Segovia and, after several cancellations due to the pandemic, “A Normal day” is offered online for free supporting #IStayHome. Afterwards it will be selected in the 5th FICNOVA and part of the official selection of the Festival de Cine Documental Alcances de Cádiz, in which activities I participate digitally along with other directors as in the round table organized by A.A.M.M.A. Towards the end of the year it will participate in the official section of the International Film Week of Lugo.

New stories can be read on the website: “Un intre para sempre”, the shorter “Justicia Poética”, of which you can also see a version recited in my living room, or the “Haiku do confinamento”, an audiovisual version for those three verses of astonishment and emotion before nature. In mid June I present the collection of 10 prints of Mujeres Memorables Poco Recordadas, illustrations for sale through this website and which are present at the end of the year in the Encontro de Fanzines e Autoedición de Lugo.

On October 22nd, “Persons Inc.” premiered online, a documentary made without a budget but with the support of associations such as ARELAS. With great success of public and media repercussion this work is already being projected in educational centers of the peninsula and the USA. At the end of December I participate with “Artefacto” in the 2nd Certame de Videocreación of the USC of Lugo, receiving the prize to the best communication.



For me this year starts talking about art and I develop, also within the teaching field, a course that revolves around feminist care from artistic experiences and that takes place in five sessions within the space created by Aliad-Ultreia.

“Welcome to the club” is awarded at the Malaga Festival, within the section Affirming Women’s Rights, and is also shown at various festivals and events such as the 22nd edition of the Festival de Cans. Other previous audiovisual works also participate in events such as the Creative Commons Film Festival of Valladolid.

Throughout the year I develop other creative proposals, such as the introduction to the comic book “Vegeto heroína”, posters for social actions or small digital illustrations that join a renewed web. Towards the end of the year the documentary “A Normal day” was selected in The 7th Art Festival of Miami and premiered in Lugo, together with the great female protagonists. Also around this time the video “Dalle a volta” won ex-aequo the CibeRespect award from the NGO Ecos do Sur with the Xunta de Galicia.



“Atenas. Meeting Point” is selected in some festivals throughout the year along with “1948-2016. Un final para empezar” and they are joined by the documentary “Benvidas ao Club”, which premiered in October in Lugo, as a result of the contact with the Plataforma Contra a Impunidade da Carioca. The documentary will be offered for the first time by Diario Público and screened in several parts of Galicia.

I work with different formats out from graphic design to video as used in a commission that leads me to get into caves and witness archaeological finds. I continue experimenting with digital illustration and self-published a fanzine for the celebration of the 8-M.

I open a shop on the web, with design for textile printing, decorative photography, illustrations and video editing. I keep having workshops about art in schools and at the end of the year I am sharing months in the Galician Feminist Planner published by the Observatorio da Mariña pola Igualdade along with artists Ana Gesto, Peque Varela, Alicia Puchades, Iria Ribadomar, Andrea Costas, Xulia Vicente, Renata Otero, Xoana Almar, Mónica Alonso, Uqui Permui and Carme Nogueira,.



New selections of “1948-2016. Un final para comenzar” in spainish and latin american festivals. This same documentary will be projected in several cultural spaces in Galicia, as the one ruled by Association Nós Mesmas in Vigo, where will take place the last projection. Also the documentary “De cara ao Miño” is projected within a talk organized by ADEGA (Association for Ecological Defense of Galicia) in Lugo.

Besides audiovisual pieces I keep working with photography and graphic design, making a few brief incursions into illustration while the digital comic project of “Edelmira e Manuela” is being finalised. The photographic audio series, “3+1=CUNETA” will be selected in the contest Plastika17 organized by the Sala Apostrophe in Vigo and with a jury formed by Thomas Apostpulou, Paula Cabaleiro or Elena Bangueses among other figures.

In July I travel to Athens and from the experience around the refugee crisis and its reality in the anarchist neighborhood of the capital comes the documentary “Atenas. Meeting point”, which is premiered in October at the Isköo Gallery.



Combining activism with our own work and private commissions, from graphic design to video. In this last support I record the documentary “de cara ao Miño”, which premieres in February in the Sala Sargadelos and relates the Lugo neighborhood movement in the face of economic and ecological abuse around the river.

In April, two of my works will be screened at the Humus Film Festival, at La Casa Encendida in Madrid. “Ás 20.30 hrs” is awarded as the best short film in the fantastic category. The documentary “1948-2016. Un final para empezar”, which at the end of November is selected and screened at the Muestra Internacional de Cine Documental Central-Doc in Tlaxcata, Mexico.

Throughout these months I begin to use illustration more often and experiment with the comic format with the strips of “Edelmira e Manuela”. Photography occupies another important part of the year, works for silhouetting and publication, catalog or serial photographs that arise from both everyday life and travel, which can be seen on the web and are for sale. He published an article about art in the Mexican magazine “Flotante Mag” and the photograph “De mulleres” in the American magazine “Mokasen Press”.

Social activity mixes again with political presence in the June elections, my last public contributions to En Marea in the electoral campaign. At that time “de cara ao Miño” is direct cause of a summons in the courts with an economic petition and the withdrawal of the video from the internet, finally the video is public and no petition went further.



In May he opened “Mentireira” at the Isköo Gallery, a multidisciplinary exhibition that explores the lie of reality. In this same space I collaborate, for the second consecutive year, in the collective exhibition and auction “Art for Love II” in favour of social causes in the city of Lugo. Within the province, the experimental short film “El ambiente natural del señor Sombra” is screened at the Roca Music Film Festival, in Guitiriz.

Multimedia creation becomes free culture, interrelated and especially interesting fields that lead me to projects such as “O conto que nos contan – El cuento que nos cuentan”, whose only exhibition platform is the net. Other small creations follow this path, drawings, photographs, graphic design works… and videos, such as the “Intervención Publicitaria” (Advertising Intervention), dedicated to the self-employed, entrepreneurs, co-operators and other people in front of large shopping malls.

I pass through several educational centres with interactive talks in which we talk about cinema and photography, from historical, technical and aesthetic perspectives… Closing the teaching activity is the “Outras Miradas” project, thirteen sessions on art and culture that I develop under the protection of the Lugo Campus of the University of Santiago de Compostela. Always combining graphic design and photography for other people’s projects.

The social activity ends up becoming a political presence and, in view of the general elections of December 20, I am a candidate for the Senate with En Marea, as an independent and sharing work with many colleagues whom I met around 15-M.



With my sights set on economic (super)living from creation, I combine graphic design, commercial photography or audiovisual works with more personal works in which I also combine these tools with plastic or recycling.

In March of this year I carry out an artistic installation in the Centro de Artesanía e Deseño de Lugo, a work in which to travel a feminist path open to all glances and that combines the vindictive with the social and historical, “Unha é todas” (“one we are all” or “one and all”). In June of this year I use a space of “La Antigua Botica”, a local flower art oriented shop, to carry out an urban exhibition in which the interest for the taking of spaces, an exhibition on “Resilients”, nature and human beings that resist and are reborn from the cruelty inherent to our historical becoming. Some other small sample of works in the city, in corners that originally do not have this purpose, maintaining the interest to share spaces with other creators and bring the creations to diverse audiences and spaces of everyday life away from art.

In May, “Etiquétame” becomes a finalist in the Canal+ National Award for Best Videocreation, while I prepare other video works and continue to give workshops on cinematographic language and its relationship with fine arts, talks and classes given in associations, educational centres and other training places. Graduating as Superior Technician in Audiovisual Production and Shows, taking advantage of the trips for the realization of photographs and the continuous formation that the world offers us.



Established in a more stable way in the surroundings of Lugo, maintaining my habitual residence in the rural one, I begin the year participating in the exhibition “Fotogramas” together with María Martínez and Lucía Torres, in the gallery Etimoe in A Coruña. I continue curating and participating in the collective and multidisciplinary exhibition “8-Mulleres” for the Centro de Artesanía e Deseño e Lugo, which includes the production of a show that combines music, dance and poetry and serves as the inauguration of the project. I also exhibit in Ribadeo together with the basketwoman Lola Tourón under the title “Unha ollada cesteira”, sample that we will retake at the end of the year in Lugo. He took part in the exhibition “Autómatas del consumo” organised by El Taller Gallery in Santiago de Compostela and Axunica’s Gala, in the Club Clavicémbalo of Lugo together with artists such as Isabel Risco or Leo i Arremecaghona.

The participation in several social assemblies of the city continues being active, contributing personally and professionally through articles, pieces and organization of events. For the Association A Cova da Terra I organize the I Outono das Artes Sociais, a trimester that includes collective exhibition, contest of micro shorts, concerts, workshops and projections, with the final brooch of a double concert with Germán Díaz and Sés in acoustic version. I combine these activities with graphic design and editing of commissioned video pieces.



Workshops and lectures on Visual Arts in educational centres become an extracurricular activity linked to teaching hours with ESO students. At the end of this year I mounted the photographic exhibition “De pólas e follas”, which takes place in the Carpa de ArteNadal in Lugo, publishing a book-catalogue under the same title.

I continue expanding my professional training, this time starting the medium distance cycle of “Audiovisual Production and Shows” at the School of Image and Sound in A Coruña.



I live for seven months in Portugal, near Lisbon, where I take the opportunity to obtain the Diploma “Competências Básicas em Tecnologias da Informaçao” and finish the writing of what will be my first short novel, “Lágrimas Blancas” which I will self-publish at the end of the year and whose presentation will take place in the Iskoö Gallery, in Lugo.

I live the rest of the year in a village in the province of Lugo and, as I have done over the years, I return to Lugo on several occasions. Responding to my concerns in the field of training I take the opportunity to give talks on “Introduction to Cinema” and “Cinema and Fine Arts” to students from 1st to 4th year of ESO, an activity I have been developing since 2005.



During the first months of 2010 I travel through the American continent, settling for three months in New Orleans (USA) as artist-resident in The NOLA Art House, where I live with creators who work around the exhibition of social art, having significant problems with the authorities that give rise to great support from the artistic community of the city. She ended the year in Lugo working as the coordinator of the Xacobeo Volunteers in Lugo and being, as usual, linked to projects of artistic and social interest.



In January I move to Berlin, where I live the rest of the year, and where I work for a few months as an apprentice in the gallery Gods Dogs, the artists Ron and Britta Helbig, helping in the preparation of their project for the Berlinerkunstsalon and organizing and participating with other colleagues the exhibition “Knochenarbeit”.

During this experience in Germany he got in touch with Hannelore Fobo and Evjenig Kozlov, for whom he edited a small video showing the pictorial work of the well-known Russian artist. Together with my brother, the graphic designer Gonzalo Pérez González, living in Berlin, I also organize the Multidisciplinary exhibition “de Espaldas y Almas” in the Association A Cova da Terra and with the participation of several artists of different nationalities.


2003- 2008

I studied at the University of León the title of “Cinematography and Visual Arts”, to finish his diploma at the Centre d´Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya, in Barcelona, studying “Realización y Guión Cinematográficos”.

During those years, together with friends and filmmakers, she founded the Amosega Audiovisual Group, working as a producer, director and scriptwriter in documentary projects such as the SonGaliza Festival as well as in the last year of the l´Espectacle Marathon.

During this time I combine my own and other people’s projects: I am part of the script group “Los Manchados”, tutored by Míchel Gaztambide; I finish my last short film in Barcelona, “La imagen del secreto”, shot in 16mm and later selected in some festivals. My last work in Barcelona will be the direction of “La lona”, filmed in 35mm and directed by Jaime Serrano, which receives numerous awards in addition to being pre-selected for the Goya 2011.

I repeatedly participate in filming as a script with Grup Cinema Art and Escándalo Films, as well as in videoclips such as Chamito Sound’s “Se cae la tierra” with Amparo Sánchez or “El Cartero” by Manos de Topo and directed by Kike Maíllo. I also worked within the production teams of other companies and as a documentalist and scriptwriter for the project “Disharmony” by RGB Productions.

Between studies and projects I take the opportunity to travel, and for the first time I link this vital experience to collaborate with an NGO, in this case living in a small Venezuelan city in the state of Aragua. And I organize, among other activities, the Semana Curta Calma Chicha, a festival of audiovisual projection in which I present the documentary “Palmas”, produced by the Gypsy Association of Lugo.



I was born in Lugo, I studied Arts Secondary School developing innate needs and appreciation in the world, I begin to dive into creation and expression both plastic and written.


SELECTIONS (“Alex and Munchie”)

Directed by women, Spain.
4º Festival de la Crítica cinematográfica de Caracas

SELECTION (“In the time of our garden”)

26 Festival de Málaga. Sección oficial cinema cocina.
Galica en curta. Ciclo de Cinemas Ocultos.




II Premio Pinto e Maragota for the novel ‘Estranxeiras’ (Ed. Xerais)

SELECTIONS (“In the time of our garden”)

Biophilia International Film Festival.

Seoul International Food Film Festival (SIFFF)

OUFF 27, Ourense Film Festival.

Festival Internacional de Cinema Ambiental Serra da Estrela
8º Festival de cortometrajes Cortogijón.
Rural Affinity Film Festival Andalucía RAFFA.

SELECCIONES (“Camiñando”)

MARXE Festival Internacional de Videopoesía (Vigo, Famalicao).



PRIZE (“S.A.E.”)

III Certame de Videocreación da USC de Lugo, Best Visual Language.

SELECTIONS (“Persons Inc.”)

Lift-Off sessions 2021, Pinewood Studios.
FilmÓptico International Art Visual and Film Festival, Viridiana TV.
43 Semana de Cine de Lugo.
OUFF 26, Ourense Film Festival.
Al Borde. Festival Internacional de Cine Transfeminista. Colombia.
III Festival Internacional de Cine Austral. Argentina.
FIC lgbt El Lugar Sin Límites. Ecuador.



PRIZE (“Artefacto”)

2º Certame de Videocreación da USC de Lugo, Araceli Herrero´s to the best communication language.

SELECTIONS (“Un día Normal”)

52º Alcances. Festival de Cine Documental de Cádiz.

5º FICNOVA Active Non Violence INternational Film Festival.

XLII Semana Internacional de Cine de Lugo, sección oficial.




Biznaga de Plata Afirmando los Derechos de las Mujeres. Festival de Málaga (“Benvidas ao club”)

I Concurso de Vídeos CibeRespect. Ecos do Sur-Xunta de Galicia-Concello de Arteixo (“Dalle a volta”)


6ª ccVAD Valladolid Creative Commons Film Festival (“1948-29016” and “Benvidas ao club”)

XVI Festival de Cans – Sección Ultravioleta (“Benvidas ao club”)

The 7th Art Festival, Miami, EEUU (“A Normal day”)




VI Festival Cortometrajes Diputación de Jaén contra la violencia de género. Sección Panorama (“Benvidas ao Club”)

FLOP Festival, Pontevedra. (“1948-2016”)

SELECTIONS (“Atenas. Meeting point”)

Paraná Internacional Film Festival, Argentina.

40ª Semana Internacional de cine de autor de Lugo, sección cine galego.

II SANFICI Festival Internacional Cine Independiente de Santander, Colombia.




“Plástika 17″, Galería Apóstrophe, Vigo (obra fotosonora 3+1)

SELECTIONS (“1948-2016”)

XXXIX Semana Internacional de Cine de Autor de Lugo.

V Festival Internacional de Cine de Ituzaingó, Argentina.

VII festival Visualízame, Fundación Inquietarte, sede de Jaén.

17 Muestra Internacional Cine y Diversidad Sexual, Valladolid.




Mejor corto categoría fantástica: Humus Fest, La Casa Encendida, Madrid. (“Ás 20.30hrs”)


1ª Muestra de Cine Documental Central Doc/TLX, Tlaxcala, México. (“1948-2016”)

Humus Fest, La Casa Encendida, Madrid. (“Señor Sombra”)




“Mentireira”, Galería Iskoö, Lugo.


“Arte por amor II”, Galería Iskoö, Lugo.


Festival de Cine de Música de Roca. (“El ambiente natural del señor Sombra”)




“Resilientes”, La Antigua Botica, Lugo.

“Unha é todas”, Sala de exposiciones Capilla de Sta María, Lugo.


“Arte por amor”, Galería Iskoö, Lugo.


Premio Nacional de Videoarte Canal+. (“Etiquétame”)


Festival de corotmetrajes PECCA, Asociación DeFrente, Sevilla. (“Etiquétame”)




“Unha ollada cesteira”, Amodiño, Ribadeo.

“Autómatas del consumo”, Galería El Taller, Santiago de Compostela.

“8-Mulleres”, Sala de exposiciones Capilla de Sta. María, Lugo.

“Fotograma definido”, Etimoe Gallery, A Coruña.


Premios Creación e Medioambiente de ADEGA, Galicia. (“Ás 20.30hrs”)




“de Pólas e Follas”, Carpa ArteNadal, Lugo.



Short novel “Lágrimas Blancas” is self published, Lulu Publishing House.



Artist-in-residence at The NOLA Art House, New Orleans, USA.


“De espaldas y almas”, Asociación A Cova da Terra, Lugo.




“Knochenarbeit”, Galería Arte Veni GOD´s DOG´s, Berlín, Alemania.

SELECTIONS (“La imagen del secreto”)

Festival Vues d´en Face, Grenoble, Francia.

Sección OFF de Zinegoak, Euskadi.

Festival del Sol de las islas Canarias.

Festival Internacional del Mar de Cinema Gai i Lèsbic de Mallorca.




2ª edición de TIKINó. (“Palmas”)

Mostra Semana Curta Calma Chicha. (“Palmas”)

I Xornadas de Maxisterio de achegamento ó Traballo Social. (“Palmas”)

Proxección na Marcha Mundial das Mulleres, Ciclo Mulleres, organizado por Espazo Galego, Barcelona. (“Palmas”)

Formal education

– Audiovisual and Performance Production (2 years degree)

Escuela de Imaxe e Son, A Coruña. 2013

– Script Writing and Direction (3 years degree)

Centre d´Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya, CECC, Barcelona. 2007

– Visual Art and Cinematography (1st and 2nd courses. 3 years degree)

Universidad de León, Campus de Ponferrada. 2005

– High school (art course)

Instituto Sanxillao de Lugo. 2003



Nivel nativo GALEGO

Nivel nativo ESPAÑOL

Nivel alto INGLÉS

Nivel alto PORTUGUÉS

Nivel medio FRANCÉS

Nivel baixo CATALÁN

Comprensión media ALEMÁN