Vimeo statistics on videos embedded in wordpress

Vimeo statistics on videos embedded in wordpress

The whole thing started once many people let me know they had watched my last documentary through my website, while Vimeo statistics were frozen at 7 (those corresponded to family and close friends who watched it at Vimeo itself before it was even released)

Well, after several days and mails and being treated as a crazy woman… Vimeo writes this to me (not even apologizing for having me treated this way or at least acknowledging their mistake handeling the issue) so I finally understand why this is happening.

So, once we know my video’s statistics are not showing real info, and checking my website’s statistics it looks like reeeeally far from reality, I’ve just decided to warn about that (both here and on Vimeo)

I wouldn’t care about what statistics show if Vimeo itself (or its logarithms, for example) treated videos and users not caring about them too. But this world works as it works so at least I wanted to exercise transparency and show that numbers, at leats in this kind of embedded videos, are not showing the truth. I would have liked to bring ideas to Vimeo to counteract the inconvenience this may cause to other WordPress users but big companies don’t work that way. Too bad for everyone that we are not open to new ideas, improvements or at least active listening.

From now on, it is up to each individual to decide the value she, he or they place(s) on these numbers, and the credibility they offer.