My marriage

My marriage

My marriage exists because of a black bisexual trans woman, who was a sex worker and whose name was Marsha P. Johnson.

Si je suis mariée aujourd’hui c’est grâce à une femme noire trans-bisexuelle et travailleuse du sexe, une femme qui s´appellée Marsha P. Johnson.

Estoy casada gracias a una mujer negra trans bisexual y trabajadora sexual, una mujer que trascendió definiciones, Marsha P. Johnson.

Sou casada graças a uma mulher negra e bissexual transsexual, uma mulher que provavelmente morreu pelo que era, Marsha P. Johnson.

Meine Ehe besteht aufgrund einer schwarzen bisexuellen Transfrau, die Sexarbeiterin war und Marsha P. Johnson hieß.

Hoxe festexo o meu matrimonio agradecida a unha muller negra, trans, bisexual e traballadora sexual, grazas Marsha P. Johnson.

Today, whiile celebrating the social figth, my love and my family, I’m filled with gratitude for trans women, for queer people of color, for queer sex workers… I´m filled with gratitude and for Elisa and Marcela, the galician women who first marriage in 1901, for all those who made possible at some point the triumph of pride, self-love and self-acceptance… and for all those whose work and life fight for it. Thanks LGTBQ/LGBTI activism.