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Writing the History


Back in the whatever century you want to choose, who wrote the papyrus?, who edited the texts that would finally be the ones in the amazing best seller called The Bible?, who published and wrote most of the books available to the people? Who wrote the History we read? Right, it sounds like white men among other things.

Nowadays… 92% of the page views in the USA are controlled by 10 companies, 76% of the searches are conducted by Google which search engine is written to give advantage to texts written in english over those in portuguese or an african language, for example. The way most of us use the internet is designed to illuminate some voices over others.

So who is writing the History we read? Who has been doing it? Right. Tanks for keep reading.

blog2.jpgImage: deer´s premolar from the dig.

That was today on my mind while, due to work, I was lucky enough (it´s not a public place) to visit Eiro´s cave where I had to record an interview with archaeologist A. Lombera and speleologist R. Vilagarrido. Here paleolithic period discoveries were found for the first time in Galicia and the team currently working there just found a bear´s jaw while they kindly guided us throught the hollow space. The excitement of History itself.

blog1.jpgImage: smiling close to the bear figure our ancestors painted in the cave´s natural shapes.

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