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To follow


Ok, here we go. I got to say it, I don´t really care a lot about social media. And at the same time, I also got to say it, I do care a lot. Let´s explain this. I think it's wise to have a divide in the personal and work tweets/pins/instagrams/fb´s/diaspora´s when possible but it is not possible to me. Social media really needs time even when we don´t realize and besides I do understand my life and my work as one single unit, so the most personal stuff remains in my notebooks (at most) and of course as main part of me and my beloved people around... meanwhile social media becomes a jumble.

So politics, social concerns, economic ideas as far as humour, graphic arts or podcasts are part of my social media profiles as long as they provide personal motivation, important info, laugh or whatever feelings I am open to.

Sometimes as a missing link between prof and personal, I do interact through a kind of contest and so I find myself talking about cinema or whatever with someone who I will probably never meet face to face. And I send "prizes" to Amsterdam as I did this week and get a lot of nice words and gratitude meanwhile learning and sharing with people living another reality. These exchanges are one of the greatest parts of social media so... let´s follow eachother ! (my fav social media... Diaspora ;)

And by the way, this is the little gift that travelled to The Netherlands the last week. Amazing country, I´ve only been there as a tourist but hei, that might be a signal... always open to travel as you all know. See you around the globe !! Thanks for being out there, I really appreciate.


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