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There is no need for plastic


At home we are eating apples harvested on early october, it has been a while and here they are, shining without wax, prouds of its imperfection. Meanwhile supermarkets all around the world are providing consumers with amounts of plastic covering fresh food. Well there is plastic covering whatever we could imagine but that is not a fact here, as it is not to remember how hundreds of food items contain a chemical compound called azodicarbonamide within theirselves, an industrial plastic chemical. 

I have recently seen some comercials which depicted a perfectly cut fresh apples wrapped by a transparent plastic.

As I see everyday at home how apples, by themselves, keep perfect under its imperfection. No need for chemicals during their grown period, no need for plastics to keep them falsely fresh.

We should be less afraid of natural marks, of imperfect rounds.

Best nutrition comes in this ancient "imperfection". No need for plastic when we talk about apples.


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