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The recipe for success.



First at all... who cares about success? Dammit, so many people. So many people thinking about it, guessing how to catch it and most of them are not able to fully feel life... just caring about success.

Well no, this is not so categorical... Actually it all depends on what we understand of "success", on the true meaning of "feeling", "live" and "life"... Because probably success is different for each person depending upon how they want to live their lifes... That´s why I have always thought about art/creation as part of my life because that is what I expected from it: have time and means to fully live doing what I like doing.

(And how hard it is sometimes)

I am not going to write any more about it, I just needed to express how gratifying it is to understand "success" as the way of living doing what you like instead of what is told to us to do to success. And I only wanted to express this gratifying feeling of enjoying so many artists succeding without money, not being celebrated nor valuable, filling our lifes with happiness and critical attitude towards what is told to us. That is why this is the picture in this post... loved people singing (against Monsanto, for example) and showing how happy they are being what they want to be, doing what they want to do and supporting critical citizens of this world. Plenty life´s coherence.


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