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That´s how it works


The very beginning of the last exhibit was around eight months ago, it all started with just some words in my notebook, some draws about the idea of realitity (realities) and its recreation(s). Areta, our cat named by my girlfriend in honour of the great Aretha Franklin, she broke a teapot that is usually in the bedroom´s windowsill. It remained to appear perfect while laying in the bed but from the backyard it was clearly halfway broken.

Many things happened from the start. My life flow as my work did. But in fact there was a difference.

Many people who live in the surroundings asked themselves about this young girls couple living in the small colouring house and primarily about this crazy hair girl who seams not to have a steady schedule but says very often that she is working at home or she goes to work to the city centre or… well, you know, different things.

Most of these people don´t ask directly (even when most of them speculate). Some others probably just don´t believe me when I say: “I was working the whole morning at home” or “I was watering the vegetable garden but now I got to do some work staff”. What changes everything are the media, each time the local journal or some other public space communicate something about my work someone come by and says: “Hei, I saw you in the newspaper, I thought you might be an artist but I didn´t know for sure” or “So you are an artist, aren´t you”.

It is funny how this world works, how we all do. It makes me realize once again how important mass media are and how dangerous they can be. Reality is much more than their reality.



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