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Sharing, selling, sending and sewing.


What about to send a digital printout piece by airmail through thousands of miles when everybody could actually download it and print in her own town ? I mean, yes, we all want to sell our pieces (try to economically survive in capitalism) but at what price? And... much more important... don´t we have any other ways to sell, share, buy or watch? Yes we do. So...


Postais.jpgI am not talking about the economic price but about the real one. Do we really want to keep using that system, chestnuts grew up in Galicia and arriving to the usa market... or we bet for a new way thinking about, for example, the peak oil.

 An unique and manufactured piece of art could deserve this use of oil (shared use) Nevertheless when we are talking about digital works... yes ! we are talking about pieces that could be sent by mail. And what about to save on oil and share a little bit more culture. I was thinking about that related to my new "postcards" project. Actually the new ones have galician texts, but I got some others in english in my web. 

My whole webpage is under a Creative Commons license so everybody can dowload whatever they want, print it, share it, use it as part of their owns works, etc... If somebody likes something from my web can just pick it up. If this person wants a big big printed piece, she or he should ask me for a biger digital size. If this person is economically able to me for this work, could do it making a bank transfer, if not, can just enjoy it paying by herself the print price.

Let´s apply them.  

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