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Blu, Berlin 2009.


This used to be close to my place. Kreuzberg is an amazing neighbourghood. Last week while having a walk I realized that it all had changed in many ways. There were some new business and some other closed in the last years, this was not the real change I noticed. Neither the nature, trees were probably bigger but their change is more seasonal.


   I saw this clock-cuffs from my room and I feel like I really owe Blu something.


What makes the city different is graffitis´ evolution. Some times this evolution comes in a positive way, sometimes it does not.

In this case… well, I don´t know which was the reason but I really missed Blu´s murals in this wall. So I took a picture in order to compare year 2009 to 2015. 



PS. Just some minutes after I wrote this, I found out (searching on the internet) the reasons why this graffitis don´t exist anymore... good to know, still sad because that´s what this "zombiefication" is, sad. Here you can read Lutz Henke´s words about it, he is the co-creator of the graffitis with Blu.

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