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Autumn time, sunrise moments.




Do not give up, we might have no jobs but we always have works to do.
Autumn time reminds us how mother Earth
(call it your land, soil under your feet, call it magical ground)
is willing to feed us all.
So it is time to smile and work, plant and harvest fruit in the fall.
Time to protect our ancestral wealth from
markets, brokers, fracking roaches and water speculators.

Each time I work in our garden,
thinking about the winter one these days,
I feel once and again thankful and full.
By the sweat of my brow I do not need any god.
I just do need this land to be ours.

Let´s rise together from their darkness,
do not let them take advantage.
Bring me the hoe.
I got one life, I feed my soul.

There is no economic splendour,
the only brightness comes from your inner peace
which grows by sharing the goods of the world.




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