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About normal stuff.


And it is such a bless to not to be "normal" in this society where individual´s behaviours are guided by capitalism, consumerism and homogenization. Imagine that: we all want to be fashionable, good loocking, have the same damm furniture in our homes, listening same music, offering our time to the same kind of business, electing once and again identical people for  same politics to rule our identical worlds...

Boring staff, isn´t it? What about every shadow between black and white. What about colours? What about being healthily crazy? Writing in the air (with light), painting walls (with sprays), reading poems written in cans (with eyes), cooking dreams (with fire)


By the way... normal is subjective... fool is subjective. I spend my life just trying to be myself because that is what makes me happy. Imperfection, to hug someone I love, making mistakes, enjoying success. I spend my days with people who cares about the whole imperfection, who accept themselves as they are and who loves me as a weird-not normal person I am. And this... is my only "normal" way. Let´s write with light !!

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