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A society under the appearance and how art/creation can release.


You probably know this cartoon in which two elderly ladies who are kniting talk about who the hell rip them off more times in their lifes. One of them says something like this"I am not a racist but... you know, white fancy men with tie". So yes, ok, there is an impression on everybody but some people just got the regular one... let´s talk about the other, this one that might sadly means jail or dead for you, this one that is not just one.

I have travelled throught space and time as I have done throught people. Many different human beings have made me go from one to another reality and that is the reason why I think I am open minded and able to share and perceive a wide range of possibilities which makes me a lucky person. This whole variety allows me to go further than the obvious, enjoy this source of wealth that have made possible a developed society... wow, wait !! developed ?? It might be, it should be but there are many "usual" people (politicians, journalists, business owners, police officers, etc.) trying not to allow the development of our societies... and sometimes (a lot of them) they make their dream true: eliminate (in many ways) the difference in order to preserve the only reality they know and the only one that they think is favourable to them (this one that actually just favor a small percentage of people)

The so called "democracies" have hidden the real goverments in the world, corporations. Under this "corporatocracy", difference is dangerous.

If you wear colourfull clothes or just in black, if your tatoos are too much even for fashion, if your nose piercing is too big or your trousers are broken, if you have rastas or you draw something like a chess board on your head... be careful !! I have seen it everywhere, no matter how long the democratic tradition remains in the country, I have lived this situations once and again in Spain, Germany, USA, Portugal and many other places that I have visited. My partner was telling me yesterday how she was the only passenger identify and frisked by police while she was in a bus after the attack in Atocha´s Madrid Station, she had rastas by that time.


It sounds sad and even unbelievable but look at this... "Ciutat Morta" ... this case is well known now in our country and thanks to the creators of this documentary but things like this happens everyday and a lot of times in every city. The facts narrated in this video (with english subtitles) caused the suicide of an innocent girl whose only mistake was to be different.

"Corporatocracy" and its well educated soldiers, ignoramus and their fears, violents and pigheaded ... all of them, from their well stablished works (judges like the one in the video, police, politicians...), from their empty lifes... all of them against difference, nature and the biggest wealth of humanity: DIVERSITY (in its different ways to display)

But we still have colours, reasoning, education... and one of the most powerful weapons: ART. 





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