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A bunch of wishes.


Once we become adults Christmas time is not like everything could happen, the magical forces we did believe in while our chilhood are gone and realities have come. Much more complex, complicated in ways we could not imagine. But complexity is made up of simple elements.

Adulthood is time to make things happen (by ourselves), time to build a magical reality. So I got this one big wish for 2016, this one that become like a bunch of them. I wish that everybody can make what makes them/us happy. Yes, this is also a wish for me, it is actually a bunch of wishes. As long as people is able to do what we do enjoy, work on the staff we like, learn about the things that inspire us… we will make amazing contributions to our world and ourselves.

We could find so many new ways to have a better world for all of us…

Time to make magic happen, time to bring diversity and reality to the politics, time to transform the economic system… It is time to support all these people who is already being magical.


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